Slvt Cult is a social practice photography and design project that explores performative female anger.

Slvt Cult started as club for empowerment. This showcase emerged from collaborative salon-style photoshoots, where participants openly shared their encounters with street harassment. These individuals were then photographed within high-risk urban nocturnal settings. Encouraged to dress in outfits they might hesitate to wear publicly due to concerns about unwelcome male attention, they channeled their frustration and anger for the camera.

These compelling images serve a dual purpose: they fuel the creation of protest posters, accessible for free online download. This democratizes the project, empowering women across the globe to print and wheatpaste these posters. The Banshees initiative has transcended geographical boundaries, with its posters making appearances in prominent cities including New York City, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Austin.
︎ 2016-2018
︎ Community & Organizing
︎ Art Direction
︎ Photography by Kate Warren
︎ Social