Bringing pro-woman people together to take a stand against misogyny and sexism, Slvt Cult is a female-run arts collective that creates subversive multimedia art for the contemporary
feminist. Changing the conversation around gender, sexuality, and race with anyone who cares to listen, and plenty who don't.

The Project —
Spurred by frustration at the daily micro aggressions women are subjected to just for BEING in this country, this project centers on photographing female creatives in the attire that would elicit unwanted male attention. We are hitting the streets at night with an all-female crew to take back our agency and imagine what it would be like to live without the latent fear even the most badass of us carry constantly. We are allowing ourselves to be angry. every single woman has stories of being groped, grabbed, or harassed without her consent. Rape culture and male entitlement is rampant in this country so we are saying ENOUGH.

Banshees is a social practice photography and poster project that explores performative female anger. Images were created through salon-style photo shoots in which collaborators discussed negative experiences with street harassment before being photographed in high-risk urban spaces at night. They are invited to style themselves in outfits they would not wear in public for fear of eliciting unwanted male attention, and perform their rage for the camera. Images are used to create protest posters available for free online download, democratizing the project and making it possible for the posters to be printed and wheatpasted by women everywhere. Banshees posters have appeared in cities that include New York City, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, and Austin.

Art Direction & Design

Photography: Kate Warren