The Wild Woman
of Santa Rosa

Al Hutchings, an employee at Markham’s mill, discovered a wild woman last Monday that is more than a match for the one Sheriff Mulgrew unearthed a year ago. Hutchings’ was strolling leisurely in the bushes about two miles from the mills when he heard a crackling sound proceeding from a clump of live oaks. He though it was possibly the reported Chicago Wild Madam and stood for a few seconds with his rifle, ready to get a shot at the supposed monster, when it emerged from the covering. When the creature did make it’s appearance, it presented a sight that made Hutchings’ hair stand on end. It was nothing more nor less than a human being, having a feral, wild look and covered down to the knees with a growth of long and shaggy hair. Hutchings’stood as if rooted to the spot. The weird looking woman strode or half-leaped out into the coyote clearing and looked about as if fearing someone was near. Being evidently satisfied that there was no threat in the vicinity, the wild woman gave a vent to a deer, guttural sigh and seated herself on her haunches. During this time Hutchings cautiously retreated behind a neighboring tree, from which point of vantage he obtained a completely view of the freak. Hutchings’ states that the wild woman was about 5 feet 5 inches in height. The hair which fell from her head was fully two feet long, very matted and of a night black. From the shoulders to the knees  a thick hirsute growth covered the body to such an extent that it appeared as if the man working a woolen garment, so effectually did it cover her person. After squatting on her haunches for a few minutes the strange specimens of humanity stretched herself out for a nap in the blazing sunlight. Fearing to rouse the wild woman into active hostilities were he to make his presence known, Hutchings’ quietly slipped away, leaving the strange daughter of Eden to enjoy her repose in peace. No one living in the vicinity of Markham’s has ever seen the woman before.
For Hutchings’ description, the wild woman is about 36 years of age. It is supposed that she is the same individual who startled the country in the vicinity of Chicago about four years ago by her sudden and unexpected debut. It is believed that she is an escaped lunatic who has long been given up as dead. Hutchins and three men intend to search the country and capture the human freak, if they can do so without taking her life.

Maggie Famiglietti
Designer & Illustrator, Cowgirl
Interdimensional being